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The Coding Classes most frequently asked questions!

Q: What is included in the course fee for the instructor lead course?
A: The fee for the course includes webinar based instruction by a live instructor, and the curriculum books.
Q: What is included in the course fee for the self paced course?
A: The fee for the course includes 21 separate chapters of PowerPoint instruction along with the curriculum books.
PowerPoint instruction
Q: Do the self paced class and the instructor lead classes prepare me to take the AAPC CPC Exam?
A: Yes both classes prepare you to take the AAPC CPC Exam.
PowerPoint instruction
Q: Are there additional costs I should expect beyond the cost of the course?
A: Yes there are addition costs and include the current year coding books and the cost of the CPC Exam.
Current Year Coding Books include:
  • CPT
  • ICD9 CM Volumes 1 & 2
The set of 3 can be purchased through AAPC at

In order to take the AAPC CPC exam you must be a current member. The membership is discounted to $70.00 and the CPC exam is discounted to $270.00

You will also need a PC headset usually around $20.00
PowerPoint instruction
Q: I've never taken an online course before how difficult is it to connect?
A: It is very easy to connect all you need is a PC Headset and high-speed internet, if you are taking our online instructor led course the instructor will make sure you are able to connect. The first class has time built into the class for connectivity issues.
PowerPoint instruction
Q: Is there a way to ask questions of an instructor if Iím taking the self paced course?
A: For students taking the self paced course, questions can be emailed to an instructor and they will respond to your questions within 24 hours.
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Q: Will I be able to ask questions during the instructor lead class?
A: Yes, we encourage questions, the instructor will ask questions and you will be able to ask and answer questions through your headset and/or the chat room.
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Q: How can I know if Iím keeping up with other students in the class?
A: After every module in both the self paced class and the instructor led course, there is a short quiz to ensure that you don't fall behind.
PowerPoint instruction
Q: What would be a reason that I would choose the self paced class over the instructor lead course?
A: Our objective with both of these courses is for you to get the best education possible and prepare students for the CPC Exam. The benefit of the self paced class is that you can you logon whenever it is convenient for you and it provides you with the most flexibility for those wanting an education that will lead to a career in Certified Professional Coding.
PowerPoint instruction
Q: Once I pay for a class, can I logon whenever and is there a limit as to how many times I can log on?
A: That is one of the benefits of taking the self-paced courses. You log on as many times as you want to view and take the classes. You will be given a username and login that will allow you to do this.

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